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When was the x ray machine invented?

On 8 Nov, 1895, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (accidentally) discovered an image cast from his cathode ray generator, projected far beyond the possible range of the cathode rays (no (MORE)

How does an X-Ray machine work?

Xray radiation is created when high speed electrons hit a solid object. Basically high voltage electricity (usually 40,000 - 120,00 volts) is pushed across a gap from a cathod (MORE)

Why was the x - ray machine invented?

the x-ray machine was invented to look in people with out opening them up to see if they had any broken bones or not?
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Who invented the X-Ray machine?

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was the first scientist to observe and record X-rays William Coolidge.invented the X-Ray tube. Robert Ledley invented Diagnostic X-Ray systems.
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Uses of x-ray machine?

There are many uses of the x-ray machine. When you go to the doctor  they take x-rays of your body. Another x-ray would be used when you  go to the dentist.

How do x ray machines work?

There are two important parts of an X-ray machine, the  x-ray source and the x-ray  detector.   In your body, your bones are x-ray opaque-x-ray  cannot pass through it (MORE)

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