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Who uses x ray machines?

Doctors and people who want to look through things   airports uses x-ray machines to inspect luggage
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How does an X-Ray machine work?

Xray radiation is created when high speed electrons hit a solid object. Basically high voltage electricity (usually 40,000 - 120,00 volts) is pushed across a gap from a cathod (MORE)
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What is the importance of X-Ray machine?

It makes sure that not only nothing if something broken but, it  helps when it comes to knowing whether or not there's anyting in  your body that shouldn't be there as well (MORE)

Why was the x - ray machine invented?

the x-ray machine was invented to look in people with out opening them up to see if they had any broken bones or not?
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How does an x ray machine work?

Think of it as a camera (it used to be on film, but now its a digital picture) that uses X-rays instead of visable light. The most common way to produce X-rays is with a s (MORE)

Who invented the X-Ray machine?

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was the first scientist to observe and record X-rays William Coolidge.invented the X-Ray tube. Robert Ledley invented Diagnostic X-Ray systems.
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Uses of x-ray machine?

There are many uses of the x-ray machine. When you go to the doctor  they take x-rays of your body. Another x-ray would be used when you  go to the dentist.

How do x ray machines work?

There are two important parts of an X-ray machine, the  x-ray source and the x-ray  detector.   In your body, your bones are x-ray opaque-x-ray  cannot pass through it (MORE)