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What are xeons?

a elemnt The Xeon is a brand of multiprocessing- or multi-socket-capable x86 microprocessors from Intel Corporation targeted at the non-consumer server, workstation and emb (MORE)
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What motherboards is the Intel Xeon compatible with?

Depending on the age of the Xeons in question, they fit into a variety of slots and sockets. The first Xeons were used in a slot cartridge known as Slot 2. Any motherboard wit (MORE)
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What is the Intel Xeon E7 server?

"The Intel Xeon E7 is customized for each costumer , it is a core prossessor in wich you need a laptop or desktop to use. They are great for speeding up your computer but you (MORE)
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Which computers have xeon CPUs?

The Intel Xeon is a CPU used for server systems. Server processors usually need to be bigger and faster than desktop CPUs, because they need to be able to handle a lot more tr (MORE)
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Where can one purchase a quad xeon?

One can purchase a Quad Xeon in many different places. Some places one can purchase it are Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, the Apple store, Staples and CPU World.
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Where can one purchase a Xeon 5160?

Intel Xeon Processors 5160 was discontinued in 2009 so can only be purchased second hand now. eBay have several listed by private sellers, both in the UK and the USA.
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What does a xeon have to do with a server?

A Xeon has much more space capabily than the other servers that are on the market. This is why you would want to use this software instead of something different.
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What is the meaning of xeon quad?

Intel Xeon Quad Core Processor The Xeon is a brand of multiprocessing or multi -socket capable microprossors from intel. Quad means four cores