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Where did XEROX corporation get its name?

Xerography is the name of the process that was invented in  1938 by Chester Carlson and developed by the Haloid Company  into the first fully automatic plain paper copier, t (MORE)

What is the difference between xerox and photocopy?

The word photocopy describes the process of using a machine to make an image or copy of an original page or object. The word Xerox is at registered trademark and is also sho (MORE)

What does the the Xerox Corporation do?

Xerox Corporation is most widely known as a manufacturer and marketer of xerographic printers and copiers. However, the Corporation has a much wider range of activity. Xerox (MORE)

What does xerox mean?

Xerox is a made-up word derived from the technical term xerography. It has no meaning other than as a trademark of the Xerox Corporation.
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When was Xerox introduced?

In 1937, the process called Xerography was invented by American law student Chester Carlson. Carlson had invented a copying process based on electrostatic energy. Xerography b (MORE)

Center Parcs does it have WiFi facilities?

It depends on the parc. Some have wifi only in the public areas, whereas others have it everywhere, including all the villas. In some parcs it's free, in others you pay by the (MORE)
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What facilities are available at center Parcs in Elveden?

Elveden Forest Centre Parcs are located in Suffolk, England. They offer many different types of paid or free activities such as swimming, tennis, badminton, canoeing, and wind (MORE)