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Who uses XHTML?

Many modern websites use XHTML now; although some are still left in the dark, pondering with HTML. Thus, many corporations, businesses, organizations, freelancers, entertainer (MORE)

What is the difference between XHTML and XML?

By standards, XHTML has a list of allowable tags to be used in an XHTML document, each one with a specific purpose. There is also a list of allowable attributes. XHTML is used (MORE)

Write the XHTML and CSS code for an embedded style sheet that configures a background color of white and a text color of green?

The XHTML code to embed an external stylesheet would look like: The CSS code would need to be placed in a separate document and would need to be saved as style.css. The C (MORE)

When CSS is coded in the body of the webpage as an attribute of an XHTML tag it is called?

It's called Inline CSS. here is an an example: Here is some text Inline is one of the three methods of adding style to a website, the other two are embedded and attached. Wit (MORE)

What is the difference between XHTML and CSS?

  XHTML and CSS are both languages that are used to make web pages. XHTML is very similar to HTML and serves the same purpose. XHTML & HTML are both used to set the stru (MORE)

What is XHTML?

XHTML stands for Extensible HyperText Markup Language. It is a language that branches off of HTML, combining the use of XML syntax with HTML markup; all tags and attributes m (MORE)

What are lists of statements that use a single location to specify how to display html and xhtml elements?

A list of statements located in a single file at a specific location that determine how the browser will display HTML or XHTML elements is called a stylesheet. The language a (MORE)