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Who were the Mistresses of Louis XI of France?

Catherine De Mailly lived with him in the his later years in his castle in Tours. She bore him a son. She was the daughter of Adrienne De Mailly and Louisa de Burgundy-who was (MORE)
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Who is xi jinping's daughter?

The current paramount leader of China is Xi Jinping. The name of his daughter is Xi Mingze who attended Harvard in 2010.
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Wo xi huan ni?

"Wo xi huan ni." means "I like you."   "Wo"means "I"   "xi huan" means "like"   "ni" means "you"   But in Chinese ,sometimes "xi huan" also means "love" betwee (MORE)

What does XI mean in roman numeral?

  XI in roman numerals, X = 10, I + 1, 10 + 1, eleven
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Who is Xi Main?

    Xi Main was the first person ever to prove the ability of hydrokenetics (aka- waterbending)
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What does XI stands for in BO XI?

Hi, Its just an naming convention followed by SAP after its acquisition over BO. contextual meaning of XI in BOXI is "extreme insight". Regards, Vikas
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Cbse xi sample papers?

Cbse xi sample papers are available in the market for different  publication ,one can buy these sample papers and use as practice  materials and do better in the Exams.  (MORE)
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Who was Zhu Xi?

Zhu Xi or Chu Hsi (朱熹, October 18, 1130, Yuxi, Fujian province, China - April 23, 1200, China) was a Song Dynasty (960-1279) Confucian scholar who became the leading figur (MORE)

Why is XI clotting factor absent?

If the question is; what causes factor XI deficiency, also known as Hemophilia C, the answer is in the genetics of the individual. The gene sequence for the production of the (MORE)