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How a Pakistani student can migrate from xinjiang medical college to Pakistan in any medical college?

  Student Migration Policy is controlled by Pakistan Medical and Dental Counsel. According to the regulation of PMDC     Only the medical/dental students registered (MORE)

What human rights are abused in Xinjiang?

The indigenous population of Xinjiang is mostly composed of Türkic  peoples called the Uiyghur. The Chinese government has  systematically denied the Uiyghur's rights to pr (MORE)

What is the population of xinjiang?

the Population of East Turkistan (Uyghurstan or Xinjiang) is 65 million with 30 milllion Uyghur Turks, 3 million Kazakhs, 540,000 Kirghiz, 248,000 Uzbeks, 98,000 Tatars and 25 (MORE)