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What is XML?

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. In short, it is a text-based format for different systems to present structured data to each other. Structured data means the data (MORE)

What are the advantages of XML?

Some advantages of XML are: . It is a platform independent language. . It is as easy as HTML. . XML is fully compatible with applications like JAVA, and it can be combined (MORE)

Why is xml needed?

XML provides a way for structured documentation. It is a software and hardware independent tool for carrying information. It is self-descriptive and has been designed for tran (MORE)

Where did XML come from?

XML was based off of the Standard Generalized Markup Language. It was built to fill the need for a strategic storage system that was easy to read and manipulate data with. X (MORE)
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What is xml format for?

xml was designed for managing data on the internet and for ensuring web data is displayed as intended across different browsers and versions.
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What is an XML gateway?

An XML appliance is a special purpose network device used to secure, manage and mediate XML traffic. They are most popularly implemented in Service Oriented Architectures to c (MORE)

What are the benefits of xml?

xml is completely flexible because you can create whatever tagvs you like, this also means it is cross platform compatible and independant of any systems or software. This a (MORE)
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Why is XML extensible?

xml is extensible because xml tags have no semantic meaning,  furthermore with xml you create your own tags, other languages have  predefined tags which you must use.
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What is meaning of xml?

xml stands for extensible markup language, and it is not a programming language, it is markup language that allows for transfer of content or data across different platforms a (MORE)

What is xml client?

A program in an internet user's computer (like yours) capable of interpreting XML sent from a server. Typically a modern web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, M (MORE)