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Does Mary kay have health insurance?

NO! Mary Kay Corp does NOT provide health insurance. As an "Independent Beauty Consultant" you are NOT an EMPLOYEE of Mary Kay. It has actually been tried in a court of law to (MORE)
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What is the kay chemical flipchart?

In relation to the Kay Chemical Flipchart used by McDonalds, its a spiral bound document usually located in the wash-room on the wall which "indicates which cleaning chemicals (MORE)
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What nationality is Kolohe Kai band?

Kolohe Kai is a music group of Americans living in Hawaii. The lead singer, Roman De Peralta, is of Filipino descent courtesy of his Pagkalinawan and de Peralta families. The (MORE)

How do you beat Kai in the race in Okami?

I know! I hated this part too. What you want to do is first bloom the cursed trees in the ENTIRE area, trust me, it makes it alot easier! Then you want to look up "How to beat (MORE)

Who is olga kay?

Olga Kay is a Youtuber. Her real name is Olga Karavaeva. She is an actress, a juggler and a comedian. She makes lots of funny Youtube videos, she has been in many commercials (MORE)

How do you marry Kai?

To marry Kai give him a pineapple for his birthday. Plant them on the 1st of summer you can buy them at the sprite tree from Roller at the casino. they are 1000 medals for one (MORE)

What does where Kai mean?

Kai is a Basque word that means pier of the harbor. The word kai is  often used to mean strong or unbreakable in Burmese. It means  triumphant in Chinese.