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What is yam?

Although it is often confused with the sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas), it is not, and is the edible tuber of a plant in the Dioscoreaceae family.

Recipe of yam?

\nYam Flambe\n \nIngredients\n \n2 lbs yams (large)\n \n1/2 teaspoon salt\n \n3/4 cup light brown sugar\n \n1/4 cup butter\n \n1/3 cup dark rum\n \nDirections\n1. Scrub yams (MORE)

Where do yams grow?

They grow in the ground. They were first cultivated in Africa and Asia about 8000 B.C. and are now are a primary agricultural commodity in West Africa and New Guinea. They are (MORE)

What is yellow yam?

Yellow yam is a starchy tuberous vegetable grown on a vine. Variations are common all over the world, but especially in west Africa. Contrary to popular myth it is NOT the sam (MORE)