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Does yami like tea?

Actually Yes he Loves her that way but found it is hard to express  due to his situation. He called her his precious Anzu in anime  season 0 and sleeping beauty in manga Bes (MORE)
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How old is yami?

I believe that if yami is in Japan he is three-hundred-years-old. In America he is five-hundred

Who yami want to be his girlfriend?

In the show, tea likes yami while regular yugi likes tea, but yami shows no interest in having that deep of a relationship. He is a spirit after all, who is only interested in (MORE)
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What is a yamy?

a yamy is a word that this brilliant kid made up that catches on everywhere so if you are smart you would say it      this is legit
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Does mana love yami?

Maybe, in the anime, they both cared for each other a lot. Though, none of them mentioned their feelings for each other. To this day, fans have made pairings for them called v (MORE)
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What episode did Yami fight Yugi?

Yami Yugi/ Atem dueled against Yugi Muto on two seperate occasions. The first time was on episode 163 and their last duel took place during episodes 220 to 224.
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When does Yami gets punched by Joey?

On Episode 159 "Trial By Stone", Yami gets punched in the face by Joey for becoming dismal over Yugi sacrficing himself to the Seal of Orichalcos. In the English dub, the punc (MORE)
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Did Yami Yugi die as Pharaoh?

Yes. 3000/5000 (depending on which version you watch!) years before the storyline of the Duel Monster series, the Pharaoh Atem defeated, but was unable to destroy, an evil ent (MORE)
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How did yami bakura die?

Zorc's destruction at the hands of The Creator God of Light, Horakhty also destroyed Yami Bakura.