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What is in the garlic fries at Yankee Stadium?

If they're anything like the Gordon Biersch garlic fries they used to sell at Candlestick, all it is is chopped fresh garlic, parsley, and some salt. All that does to the frie (MORE)
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What are the food prices at Yankee Stadium?

Yankee Stadium Prices: 11 oz beer, "souvenir" cup: $9-$11-$13 "foot-long", 5" hot dog: $5 Costco is bigger. Seriously. [Course, that was true when Costco served Hebrew Na (MORE)
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What are the ticket prices at Yankee Stadium?

$13,500 for a private suite right behind home plate. $7,000 for outfield suites $12 - $1250 per seat for game day tickets If you need more info regarding suites at Yankee Sta (MORE)
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What is the volume in liters of Yankee Stadium?

  I work it to be 24,315,600 cubic feet. I divided the surface area into sections and did the same with the pitch and then used 100ft as the height.   trapzium volume: (MORE)
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Where is the organist located in Yankee Stadium?

After years up bring up in the press box, in 2012 the organ at Yankee Stadium is located in the Delta Suite section of the stadium. Fans with tickets to the Delta Suite may vi (MORE)

What is the value of 1923 World Series First game ticket at Yankee Stadium?

  New York Yankees (4) vs New York Giants (2)   The 1923 World Series featured the New York Yankees beating the New York Giants four games to two. A 1923 New York Yan (MORE)

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