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What is yarn?

Yarn Wool or synthetic fibers that are woven together and sometimes used in nitting clothing. arange two sets of yarn is called yarn
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What is a yarn?

Literal definition: yarn - noun, a string of textile fiber typically composed of wool, cotton, synthetic materials, or a combination. Metaphorical definition: yarn - noun, a ( Full Answer )
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What does swapping a yarn for a yarn mean?

A "yarn" is a story or tall tale -- swapping yarns is when one of you tells a story and then the other one "swaps" by telling another one. Another type of yarn swapping is ( Full Answer )
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How do you yarn?

The "fibers" twisted & spun together with particular twist & specific method, can be a usual definition of Yarn. Now these "fibers" can be of many kind. These are classified i ( Full Answer )
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What are the faults in yarn?

It can fray at the ends, untwist, give you wool burns. That's all i know.
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How do you pronounce yarn?

The official pronunciation according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary is yärn. You can look this up here: and listen to a so ( Full Answer )
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What is mercerized yarn?

Mercerizing yarn is to add a treatment to a yarn to give it luster, strength, resistance to mildewing, and makes it easier to dye uniformly.
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What can you do with yarn in oblivion?

Nothing. There are many items in oblivion just for show and/or decoration. Such as yarn, and kind of silverware, cloth, skulls, hourglasses, etc... But you do need it for the ( Full Answer )
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What is yarn with loops?

Yarn that has loops along its length is almost always called bouclé (pronounced boo-KLEY), and is usually used for knitting, crocheting, and other crafts.
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What is mercerized yarn from where you can get mercerized yarns?

Visit the Related Link below to find the best quality producer plant for Gassed Mercerized Dyed Yarns 100% Cotton, with 4000 Kgs per day of production of Mercerized Yarns and ( Full Answer )