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Samples of riddles?

Question: I'm as light as a feather, but even the strongest man can't hold for more than a minute. What am I? Answer: Your breath Question: What can travel round the world w (MORE)
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What is up sampling and down sampling?

Upsampling is the process of increasing the sampling rate of a signal. For instance, upsampling raster images such as photographs means increasing the resolution of the image. (MORE)

What is a biased sample?

A biased sample is a sample that is not random. A biased sample  will skew the research because the sample does not represent the  population.
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What is consecutive sampling?

Consecutive sampling is very similar to convenience sampling except that it seeks to include ALL accessible subjects as part of the sample. This non-probability sampling techn (MORE)

What about accidental sampling?

  Accidental sampling is a type of nonprobability sampling which involves the sample being drawn from that part of the population which is close to hand. That is, a sample (MORE)

What is data and sample?

Data is commonly referred to the quantitative attributes of a variable. A data is nothing but a result of something. Through this result, the information is derived. Sometimes (MORE)

What is out-of-sample performance?

When developing statistical models, the term `out-of-sample performance' refers to the model's performance (i.e. accuracy, predictive power etc.) on data that was not in the s (MORE)

What does sample mean?

A single part, a portion or specimen representing the characteristics and qualities of the whole. Or a single example of a quantity of mass produced products
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What is dependent sample?

Data gathering in two different samples such that there is matching  of the first sample data drawn and a corresponding data value in  the second sample.
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