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What is BCE timeline?

The common timeline system used by scientists to avoid religious arguments. Before, B.C. was commonly used (Before Christ) and B.C.E. (Before Common Era) was found to be less (MORE)

What does BCE mean?

The word BCE means, "Before  Common Era". It is the term more  commonly used now among historians, rather than BC which is the  abbrevation for "Before (the birth of) (Jesu (MORE)

What does the year 2000 BCE mean?

This is exactly the same as 2000 BC. In an attempt to be neutral with regard to religion, some people prefer to refer to years 'before Christ' as 'Before the Common Era' rathe (MORE)

What are the years BCE?

The term BCE stands for "Before Common Era" and is now used frequently, to replace the older term "Before Christ" or BC. Thus BCE covers the years before the traditional date (MORE)

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What is the definition of BCE as in c400 BCE?

BCE = Before Common Era which replaces Before Christ The following period is CE = Common Era Other cultures have different calendars, and a common measure of the years is (MORE)
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Second millennium BCE is what year?

2000 BCE. This means 2000 years before common era. it used to be referred to as "bc" until the scientific community decided that that was too centered on Christianity so they (MORE)