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Is yeast an enzyme?

No, yeast is not an enzyme. It's a fungus with many, many tinysingle cells that bud to reproduce. It's the stuff we use thatconverts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.
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What is yeast?

To be more clear, yeast is a eukaryotic cell that is commonly usedin bread making.
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What is yeast and uses of yeast?

yeast is another type of fungi. useful in the production of fuels, vitamins, chemicals, bread, and even medicines such as the vaccine for hepatitis B
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Is yeast meat?

No, however yeast extract can be used to create a beef tasting flavouring with no actual meat being involved.
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Can you get a yeast infection from baking yeast?

no. Yeast Infections dont tend to be related to actual yeast, Well they are never the root to the infection. If you are concerned you have one go to your doctor.
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Is yeast an animal not yeast as a cell?

yeast is not an animal it is only a cell yeast is a single cell species of fungus fungi are not considered to be either plants or animals
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Is yeast extract a live yeast?

No it's not because it's an extract it's just like vanilla extract it's exactly like vanilla but it's not. So in other words it might be exactly like live yeast but it has no ( Full Answer )