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What is yellow?

yellow is one of the various colors the human eye can see and is aprimary color, this means making up many other colors. For Example:

What has the answer yellow?

What do you get when you mix blue and green? The answer to this question would be yellow. . (See the discussion, as alternative to this answer.) .
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How yellow is yellow?

yellow is really yellow , because yellow is sweet and is much better than any other colour. If youre emo, yellow is way off of your league so you should probably grow up, get (MORE)

What do Yellow journalism or the yellow press?

One of the factors contributing to the outbreak of the Spanish-American War was sensational writing of yellow journalism. So called yellow journalists exaggerated and embellis (MORE)

What is yellowism?

Yellowism is an autonomous phenomenon in contemporary visual culture. It derived from the visual arts and despite this fact, is not classified as art, what is in accordance wi (MORE)
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What is yellowness?

Yellowness is the state or quality of being yellow, or an obsolete word for jealousy.