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What is yellow?

yellow is one of the various colors the human eye can see and is aprimary color, this means making up many other colors. For Example:
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How yellow is yellow?

yellow is really yellow , because yellow is sweet and is much better than any other colour. If youre emo, yellow is way off of your league so you should probably grow up, get (MORE)

What is yellow 5 and yellow 6?

Yellow #5 (tartrazine) and #6 (sunset yellow) are organic, water soluble food colorings used in some medicines, most foods, and often beauty products. . Yellow 5 is also call (MORE)

Is the water of the yellow river is yellow?

The yellow river is indeed yellow because an ancient emperor named ming pam daka chun sweet and sour chiking balls foo yung chee did a wee wee in the river for over a year wiv (MORE)

What is yellowism?

Yellowism is an autonomous phenomenon in contemporary visual culture. It derived from the visual arts and despite this fact, is not classified as art, what is in accordance wi (MORE)
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What is yellowness?

Yellowness is the state or quality of being yellow, or an obsolete word for jealousy.