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What is a una brow?

It's "unibrow". It refers to a person whose eyebrows are so bushy that they appear to have one, rather than two. This can be eliminated by plucking the hair above the nose in (MORE)

What do Warblers eat?

Warblers eat spiders, grasshoppers and other insects. Many warblers will eat suet at feeders, and small berries and buds, as well as items named in above answer.
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What is a mono-brow?

A mono-brow is a type of creature that hides in between the eye. it migrates from the southern part of ugandy, the creature is known to be highly indangered. it is known to be (MORE)

What do yellow warblers eat?

Warblers are normally insect eaters, and some small fruits. Will eat suet at feeders, even peanut butter spread on tree bark.
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What is Cynthia's Brow?

  From Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet, act III, sc V, line 20.   "'Tis but the pale reflex of Cynthia's Brow;"   This is in contrast to "the morning's eye", or the sun, (MORE)

Cuckoo and warbler?

The cuckoo and reed warbler are birds that have a symbiotic  relationship. Cuckoo birds will deposit their eggs in a nest  already established by the reed warbler. When a cu (MORE)

What is a warbler finch?

A warbler finch is a bird, one of Darwin Finches in the tanager  family. There are two types of warbler finches, the green and the  grey warbler finch.

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