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Is tea the solute in iced tea?

No, in iced tea the tea is the solvent (the more abundant substance) and the sugar (if you add the some) is the solute (the less abundant substance).  Hope this helps:) Leolo (MORE)

What types of teas are herbal teas?

Herbal teas are blends of herbs and plants that are brewed / steeped like tea, but do not contain the tea plant (Camellia sinensis). A few common examples of herbal teas inclu (MORE)
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Can yellow tea make you slim?

Yellow tea is made similar to green tea, just oxidized somewhat longer than green tea, but shorter than black and oolong tea. This means that the health benefits of yellow tea (MORE)

Where is the tea in Pokemon Red Blue and Yellow?

There is no Tea in the original Red, Blue, and Yellow games; it's  unique to the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes. Instead, you use  Fresh Water, which you can buy from a ven (MORE)

What is tea in tea party an abbreviation of?

Well the Boston Tea party was after officials in Boston refused to return shiploads of taxed tea to Britain, a group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea by th (MORE)

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