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The value of yen?

Yen is used in Japan. Foreign Currency Yen Value / 1 US Dollar | 82.490 | Yen / 1 Euro | 109.40 | Yen / 1 Canada Dollar | 83.070 | Yen / 1 UK Pound | 130.48 | Yen / (MORE)

Why is the yen appreciating?

The situation has changed somewhat since the major earthquake in  2008.   There are many reasons why the the yen was appreciating against  other currencies. They include (MORE)

Who is Donnie Yen?

Donnie Yen is a Chinese martial artist and actor. He is best known  for his roles as an iconic martial artist in movies like the  Iron Monkey and Ip Man.
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What is a pound in yen?

The exchange rates fluctuate daily, but as of 5/12/17, the BritishPound was worth approximately 148 Japanese Yen. (1 GBP =147.955175 JPY)
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