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The value of yen?

Yen is used in Japan. Foreign Currency Yen Value . 1 US Dollar. 82.490. Yen. 1 Euro. 109.40. Yen. 1 Canada Dollar. 83.070. Yen. 1 UK Pound. 130.48. Yen. (MORE)

Why is the yen appreciating?

The situation has changed somewhat since the major earthquake in2008. There are many reasons why the the yen was appreciating againstother currencies. They include: 1) Unwindi (MORE)
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Who is Donnie Yen?

Donnie Yen is a Chinese martial artist and actor. He is best knownfor his roles as an iconic martial artist in movies like the Iron Monkey and Ip Man .
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What is a pound in yen?

The exchange rates fluctuate daily, but as of 5/12/17, the BritishPound was worth approximately 148 Japanese Yen. (1 GBP =147.955175 JPY)