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What color is yin and what color is yang?

Yin is the black and yang is the white. The yin is feminine, Earth, water, coldness, etc. and is related to fate. The yang is masculine, Heaven, fire, heat, etc. and is conn (MORE)

What is the female half of yin and yang?

It is the "Yin" side. "Yang" is the male side. Yin is the side which is represented by earth, the tiger, winter, valleys, cold, death :(, dark, matter, water, shade, receptive (MORE)

What is yin yang hairdo?

"A punishment in which one side of the head is shaved and the hair is left long on the other." -Red Scarf Girl
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What do the colors of yin and yang mean?

good and evil Answer #2: There is nothing 'evil' about Yin, any more than there is anything 'good' about Yang. The Taoist philosophy is founded in a fundamentally different (MORE)

What is the definition of a yin yang?

Yin and yang is a symbol that is black and white on either side and with a little black and white circle on the opposite side of its colour. It's meaning is balance like the b (MORE)

Is yin the moon and yang the sun?

Not exactly, but you can infer it that way if you choose to. Yin and yang are basically two forces (negative and positive) that balance each other out. For example, there aren (MORE)