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How is the symbol yin-yang related to friendship?

sometimes it is good to be with friends & then sometimes the best thing is to spend time alone and be your own best friend!
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What do the dots mean in the yin and yang symbol?

  The Yin and Yang themselves symbolize balance between all things; light and dark, male and female, life and death. The dots (note that the Yin's dot is the color of Yang (MORE)
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What does the Yin Yang fish tattoo mean?

I designed a yin yang fish tattoo several years ago. My zodiac sign is Pisces, and for me, this was a part of it. The design also referred to the importance of balance and the (MORE)

What does the red and black yin yang mean?

In Chinese culture, red and black were often associated with the directions of south and north, respectively. The north was associated with the element water and cold temperat (MORE)

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Is the yin in yin and yang white or black?

Yin is the black one with the white dot and Yang is the white one with the black dot.
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What does the yin and yang mean in china?

the yin yang is a symbol of 1 and 2,up and down,good and evil,Black and white. it is a symbol of simple oposites.and with emotion like any other can create quit com (MORE)

Does a yin-yang sign have symmetry?

Yes, the Yin-Yang sign has symmetry. Another take: No, the Yin and Yang are not symmetric. In order for symmetry any mirror image of the Yin-Yang must be indistinguishable f (MORE)

What does the yin and yang symbolize in Chinese culture?

yin and yang are the two opposing principles in nature *written in Chinese characters: 阴阳, they contains 月,日, which means the Moon and the Sun *yin yang could mean (MORE)

Is yin the moon and yang the sun?

Not exactly, but you can infer it that way if you choose to. Yin and yang are basically two forces (negative and positive) that balance each other out. For example, there aren (MORE)