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What is yo?

Answer for yo!   Yo is a kind of language used for cool stuffs and all sorts of funny ones. my friends always used yo as a greeting, especially boys. sometimes, yo is als (MORE)
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What is a yo-yo?

  A yo-yo is a wooden spool - like toy that is reeled up and down with a string. A person can do many tricks with it for example: Rock the cradle, Walk the dog etc. It is (MORE)
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How do you yo-yo?

Slip the loop onto your index fingerMake sure the yo-yo is rolled up in your handDrop the yo-yo carefullyWhen it starts to reach the bottom of the string, bring your hand upFo (MORE)
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What was a yo-yo?

In ancient times, yo-yos were used as a hunting mechanism. Today, yo-yos are used as toys.
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How do you put a Yo Yo string on a Yo Yo?

You hold the string in place on the plastic base and then you roll it around and around till it is over or you can tape it to the base. i would reccommend duck tape.
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Yo yo yo is ihaka cool?

nar hes a dumb kaka his real name is RA DE KI PO PO and hes from Australia because hes a ABO yea dat right a ABO, somebody just got shamed out everybody and he gonna get all a (MORE)