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Is yoghurt fattening?

Almost any food is fattening if eaten in large quantities. Yogurt is a food that has important nutrients with a moderateamount of calories. Eight (US) ounces of PLAIN yogurt h ( Full Answer )
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When was yoghurt invented?

Yoghurt was most likely discovered as a consequence of the accidental bacterial fermentation of milk, and has been in use for at least five thousand years.
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How was yoghurt made?

It is likely that yoghurt was discovered via the accidental fermentation of milk stored in animal skins and exposed to wild bacteria. It is produced via bacterial fermentatio ( Full Answer )
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What is yoghurt made out of?

yoghurt is made out of milk. . And sometimes Fruit to make it look healthy!
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Why is yoghurt healthy?

Although there are different types of yogurts there are some most commonly found health benefits. - Prevent long colds - Prevents ulceration - Contributes to weight man ( Full Answer )
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Who invented Yoghurt?

It comes from the Turkish, yoğur, meaning "to knead". It refers to a milk product that is made using bacteria curdling ( Lactobacillus bulgaricus or Streptococcus thermop ( Full Answer )
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What are the brands of yoghurts?

The history of the yoghurt. . (i take no responsibility for these writings it has been simply extracted from lots of other websites to provide a more usefull guide to the h ( Full Answer )
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Why was yoghurt invented?

Yoghurt is, simply, one product of spoiled milk. It was probably more accurately 'discovered' than 'invented', with the discovery leading to further development of fermentatio ( Full Answer )
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Are yoghurts good for you?

Yes, But it depends on the type of youghurt and how much sugar is in it.
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What does yoghurt have in it?

Plain yoghurt contains water, lactic acid, milk proteins and fat, and any unconverted (or added) sugars.