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Which airport is near Yokohama Japan?

  Haneda Airport is the closest major airport to Yokohama and is essentially just on the outskirts of the city. Haneda primarily serves domestic flights within Japan.   (MORE)

How is the yokohama landmark tower earthquake proof?

The 972-foot tall building features a combination of anti-earthquake measures. The entire building sits on rollers, which allow the earth to undulate beneath the structure wit (MORE)

What was the treaty of Yokohama?

  A treaty between the United States and Japan in 1854 at Kanagawa near Tokyo.   The treaty forced Japan to give up a 200-year-old national isolation policy, opening up (MORE)

What country is Yokohama in?

  Yokohama is the second largest city in Japan in terms of population and is the largest port in Japan. Yokohama is essentially part of the Greater Tokyo area, but is a ma (MORE)

What was the Treaty of Kanagawa?

Also called Perry Convention (March 31, 1854), Japan's first treaty  with a Western nation. Concluded by representatives of the United  States and Japan at Kanagawa (now par (MORE)

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