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What is a yolk?

The yolk of an egg is the yellow portion, which serves asnourishment for the growing baby animal inside.
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What is a yolk sac?

A yolk sac is a sac attached to an embryo, which provides earlynourishment for bony fish, sharks, reptiles, birds, and primitiveanimals.
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Why are yolks yellow?

I don't really know.. more on this . The color of the yolk is due to substances called carotenoids. The nutritional value of the egg is not affected by the yolk color.. T ( Full Answer )
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What is an Yolk sac?

it's like a packed lunch from your mom. it's the young or newborn's food supply for a few days or so.
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What can you do with egg yolks?

Beat them with a fork and add a small amount of milk. Dip bread in it & fry the bread to make French Toast.. Beat them with a fork and dip fish in it before you flour them & ( Full Answer )
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What is yolk?

Yolk is the yellow part of the egg or the start of a baby in an egg.. Yolk is the yellow part of the egg or the start of a baby in an egg.
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What is in the egg yolk?

The egg yolk isn't the actual chick, it's food for the chick in it's embryo stage. So.......just food, i guess.
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What is a yolk fellow?

A partner. A yolk refers to the apparatus used to hook two horses ( or other labor animal) together to pull a plow or carriage or something.
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Why do eggs have yolks?

the yolk is so that the baby chick, if there is one, can feed! Otherwise the chick would die, because the yolk contains nutrients!
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What is pasteurizing of yolk?

Pasteurizing is the process of bringing it up to a set temperature for a set amount of time (varies depending on product) to kill bacteria. This extends shelf life and makes p ( Full Answer )