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What is York in Latin?

The modern city of York was called Eboracum by the Romans. This word is also occasionally spelled "Eburacum." A further Latin word in connection with the English City of Yor (MORE)

What are some of the ways people travel in New York City?

Most New Yorkers do not own cars, instead relying on public transportation to get them where they need to go. The primary mode of transportation is the subway system, which ru (MORE)

What is the best way to go from Grand Central Station to 222 West 51st Street in New York City?

You can take the subway, but it's not a long walk. Only about 1.25 miles. The Gershwin Theatre, at 222 West 51st Street, is between 8th Avenue and Broadway. Broadway runs diag (MORE)

Who was Elizabeth of York?

    Elizabeth of York was the daughter of King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville. She married Henry VII and was the mother of Henry VIII. She was born on February 11, (MORE)

Is there a primark in york?

No some of the public in york didnt want a Primark because of how the children in India ,who make the products primark sell, are treated and the very little they are payed.
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Where is New York New York?

New York City is in New York State, on the Atlantic Coast of the United States. The U.S.A. is a country on the continent of North America. There is also a hotel-casino in La (MORE)
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What should a girl do if her boyfriend lives in New York and she lives in Illinois and he is starting to get more sexual over the phone for some reason whats the best way to prevent that?

    Maybe you could start talking about your great aunt's final illness? Is it such a problem to act something out with your boyfriend on the phone given that you are (MORE)