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Information on Yorkshires?

For starters they were bred in England they are one of the smallest toy dogs. There coat is long and silky with steel blue and tan coloring. the average yorky weighs 6 lds and ( Full Answer )
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Where is Yorkshire?

Yorkshire is a county in Northern England, and is the largest in Great Britain. Throughout Yorkshire, there are various "Sub Counties", such as the North Riding and The East R ( Full Answer )
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Are Yorkshire puddings actually from Yorkshire?

It is said that Yorkshire Puddings were first made in York, Yorkshire, England. There are some other counties that dispute this, though.
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Where is Yorkshire located?

Yorkshire is a county on the eastern side of the pennines, in England, just north of the 'bulge' of East Anglia.
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Where is West Yorkshire?

West Yorkshire is a county in Northern England. It contains the major cities of Bradford and Leeds as well as towns such as Huddersfield Wakefield and Castleford. It is to the ( Full Answer )
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Why is Yorkshire called Yorkshire?

York takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon word Eoforwīc which means town of wild boars as during this period the town was full of wild-boars. When the Vikings invaded they ( Full Answer )
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What is a Yorkshire?

A Yorkshire , well it depends on how you get them. Yorkshires are very loyal dogs, love company, and very playful. They can be a little loud, but that's rarely. You would love ( Full Answer )
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Where is Yorkshire bank?

Yorkshire Bank is a bank that is based in England. However, it is possible to access branches of this bank which are located throughout the United Kingdom.
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Why are yorkshires domesticated?

The reason is because people thing they are adorable so they domesticate them to get money.
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Where is Yorkshire doncaster?

Doncaster is a town in the county of Yorkshire and is about 200 miles north of London.