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What Ridings were there in Yorkshire?

Yorkshire had always been a large county and it used to be divided into three Ridings - the North, West and East Ridings - each functioning almost as an independent county.  (MORE)
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Is krnfx the best beatboxer in the wold?

Not necessarily. Every professional beatboxer specializes in certain sounds or sound combinations. In addition, these sounds are based on your own liking, so its very bias to (MORE)

What does wold mean?

"Wold" is a noun meaning an upland area of open country or a hilly or rolling region. It is no longer in common use but remains as part of the names of some geographic areas i (MORE)
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Where is Yorkshire located?

Yorkshire is a county on the eastern side of the pennines, in England, just north of the 'bulge' of East Anglia.
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What wold you use a Tohatsu Outboard for?

A Tohatsu is a brand of outboard motor. These motors are used on small boats as a method of propulsion. They are called "outboard" motors because they hang off the back end of (MORE)

What are the largest and oldest lakes in the wold?

Largest Lakes by Surface Area1. Caspian Sea - Asia - 371,000 sq km (143,000 sq mi)* 2. Lake Superior - North America - 82,100 sq km (31,698 sq mi) 3. Lake Victoria - Africa - (MORE)