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What happens when a dog eats 1 phenobarbital and does not need it?

I have a dog who takes phenobarbital for epilepsy, and basically the worst that could happen is that the dog suffers some of the side effects common with phenobarb. Since the (MORE)

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What happens if you eat 1 orbeez?

 Orbeez beads contain a co-polymer of sodium acrylic acid (Acrylic  acid, sodium hydroxide and water) and color pigmentation.     Orbeez beads are completely non to (MORE)

Can you eat beef that has been frozen for 1 year?

Yes, beef can be frozen for a considerable time and still be edible. However, it must have been frozen quickly, thoroughly, and consistently. If you are in an area with freque (MORE)

How many calories should you eat to gain 1 kilo?

Hi there, basically 3,500 calories is the equivalent to one pound of weight. And it's roughly 2 pounds equals 1 kilogramme.. So therefore you would want to consume about 7,0 (MORE)

What is a world war 1 eating tin?

  the eating tin was used to store food. the disadvantage was that it would have bullet holes in it.
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