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What must formula 1 drivers eat?

Formula One drivers all follow different diets, based on their personal preferences, but general guidelines are as follows: - Plenty of protein (meat, generally white, espec (MORE)

Can you eat chocolate cake that has been frozen for 1 year?

I've recently ate the top layer of the our chocolate wedding cake for our 1year anniversary. It was sealed in clear wrap and tin foil and was in a deep freezer. When we were r (MORE)

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What happens if you eat 1 orbeez?

 Orbeez beads contain a co-polymer of sodium acrylic acid (Acrylic  acid, sodium hydroxide and water) and color pigmentation.     Orbeez beads are completely non to (MORE)

Is eating 1 cucumber a day bad?

No actually cucumber has a good health benefit for our body. Studies have proven that cucumber has fiber on it's skin which helps for good digestion so better don't peel off i (MORE)

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What did soldiers eat in world war 1?

Dry biscuits, canned meat. Very small rations of food every day. A  hot meal was rare in a trench. Although most soldiers who were sent  out of the trench for serving their (MORE)