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Is a born again Christian a saint?

In Catholicism one has to be canonized to be a Saint. In  Protestantism all born again Christians are Saints.   In the Bible the word saint is not applied merely to perso (MORE)

What is a Born-Again Christian?

Everybody was born once: this is the physical birth. Jesus Christ  tells Nicodemus that to see the kingdom of God [heaven] he has to  be born again spiritually. This is done (MORE)

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How do you become a born-again Christian?

You have to go up to the altar and tell God/Jesus that you want himto forgive you. Then, he will forgive you, and, of course, he willgive you another chance. Then you become a (MORE)

Could the Great Depression happen again?

It sure seems like it could sometimes! However, the main reason why The Great Depression occurred is because there was a "run" on banks, which caused them to fail on a wide sc (MORE)

Could you ever live in Chernobyl again?

Sure, the most harmful isotopes will have decayed to safe levels in about 200 years. However its probably best to leave it as a permanent wildlife preserve.
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Are Catholics born again?

.   Roman Catholic Answer. This is a difficult question for people to understand for the simple reason that some protestants think that "born again" means something else. O (MORE)

What is born again?

You are not the first to ask this question, in fact the Jewish ruler, Nicodemus asked Jesus the same question in John 3:4. From the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus li (MORE)
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How do you become a born-again virgin?

Opinion: You can't. Sorry. But once you are BORN-AGAIN (regenerated heart, renewed mind - Titus 3:5) Jesus purifies you and make you blemish less by washing you with His preci (MORE)

Can a Catholic be born again?

One must be careful to distinguish the Catholic meaning of the "born-again" experience from the Protestant understanding of it. Catholics believe that they are "born-again" (MORE)

Are Catholics born again Christians?

I don't understand the question because Catholicism is a form of  Christianity.    (Catholic note: Catholicism is NOT a "form of Christianity"  Catholicism IS Christi (MORE)