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Can people have a heart attack at a young age?

yes, young people can have heart attacks. why? because nowadays a lot of the time young people are smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy foods, no exercise, overweight or have I (MORE)

How does Kingdom Hearts 1 End?

  After Sora beats Ansem, him, Riku, and Kairi get seperated. Riku goes to the other side of the huge door with Mickie, Kairi goes to a small island to wait for Sora, and (MORE)

What are the levels in Kingdom Hearts 1?

  in order of the story   destiny islands(original)   traverse town(original)   wonderland(alice in wonderland)   olympus coliseam(hercules)   deep jungle(t (MORE)

What is the virtue of being young at heart?

Being young at heart implies the strength or confidence to try newor difficult things. It implies optimism and hope.
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