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Where was the quiet man filmed?

The Quiet Man was primarily filmed on location in Ireland, in and around the village of Cong, County Mayo and on the grounds of Cong's Ashford Castle.
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Why was Jenner given smallpox as a young man?

"When he was young he was given smallpox on purpose. It was hoped that, because he was so young and healthy, he would survive and so live to tell the tale if he caught smallpo (MORE)
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Films with man in the title?

Partial list: Iron Man, Spider-Man, Rain Man, Inside Man, Cinderella Man, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Man on Fire, The Elephant Man, The Third Man, The Quiet (MORE)
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Why are the Spider Man films being remade?

Sam Raimi was going to make a fourth movie for the series with Tobey Maguire- but it was scrapped before production got started because Raimi decided not to direct the film du (MORE)

What were Alexander Hamilton's jobs as a young man?

Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown on the island of Nevis, West Indies, on July 11 in either 1755 or 1757 (the exact year is in dispute) to Rachel Faucett Lavien, a si (MORE)

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What is the major conflict on The Young Man and the Sea?

the conflict is that skiff has to make money because his dad wont get it himself, so he sets out to get a blue fin tuna, then soon finds he does not have the necessary equipme (MORE)

Who is 'the rich young man' in the Bible?

There were a number of rich man in the Bible. The rich lawyer,  the rich kings, even Abraham was rich. However, the one that most  always comes to mind when I think of a ric (MORE)