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Do sheep hornes grow back if broken at a young age?

Hi, The answer to your question is Yes. Well that is for the sheeps that do grow horns as there are few types that do not. The ones that do grow horns however grow them their (MORE)

What did Hitler want to do as a young man?

Hitler wanted to be an artist as a young man and twice applied to the Vienna Accademy of Art (1907, 1908)
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Where Was The Railway Man Film Filmed?

The Railway Man was Filmed in Bo'ness Originally Called Borrowstouness The maker was colin firth and most of the scenes where filmed on the kinneil Railway Station In The Town (MORE)

Who is 'the rich young man' in the Bible?

There were a number of rich man in the Bible. The rich lawyer,  the rich kings, even Abraham was rich. However, the one that most  always comes to mind when I think of a ric (MORE)

Which locations were The Young Riders filmed at?

The original pilot for the series was filmed in California. AfterABC picked it up, production moved to Tucson, AZ, filming inMescal, which was a western-themed movie town.
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