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Is it ok to date a guy younger than you?

it is okay to date i guy younger than you but it also depends on the age difference and if its legal..
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What is the climax in the south pacific 1958 film?

The climax of story of the 1958 film, "South Pacific" is that Joe gets killed while he and Emile deBec are doing surveillance. The final scene, however, is when Emile returns (MORE)

Can you have an aunt who is much younger than you?

Of course, if your grandparents (or one of your grandparents) had a child later in life, after their child(your parent) had a child (you). But it is unlikely you would have a (MORE)

What is the significance of south pacific the musical?

The musical of South Pacific has multiple levels of significance.  First and primarily were its attempts to raise the social topic and  taboo of cross-cultural marriages and (MORE)

Is the Pacific Ocean north or south of the equator?

The Pacific Ocean is on the north and south of the equator. This istrue of the Atlantic Ocean as well.
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Is Dill older or younger than Jem?

Dill is about seven years old(when the story begins). Younger then Jem but older than Scout.
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What is the oldest Island in the south pacific?

MANGAIA, in the Southern Cook Islands is estimated by Geologists to be 18 plus million years old... Reputed to be the oldest Island in the Pacific.
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Is the north Atlantic basin younger than the pacific basin?

The North Atlantic basin is younger. It started as an ocean within the content, which was called Pangaea at the time, and it slowing split the land mass into the continents th (MORE)

How do you say he is younger than me in German?

  Er ist junger als ich.   I'm pretty sure that's how you say it, though I'm not 100%. It's definitely something along those lines though!
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