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Who was in the original play South Pacific?

\n. \nThe original 1949 production starred Ezio Pinza as Emile De Beque and Mary Martin as Ensign Nellie Forbush.\n. \nFull Cast (Alphabetical by last name):\n. \nMardi Bay (MORE)

What to do when dating a girl younger than you?

Well it all depends on how much the difference is and what age you are.   Just be yourself....try not to be as perverted as normal (yes i am female)   and compliment h (MORE)

Is the north Atlantic basin younger than the pacific basin?

The North Atlantic basin is younger. It started as an ocean within the content, which was called Pangaea at the time, and it slowing split the land mass into the continents th (MORE)

Can you have an aunt who is much younger than you?

Of course, if your grandparents (or one of your grandparents) had a child later in life, after their child(your parent) had a child (you). But it is unlikely you would have a (MORE)

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