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Is the pretty face manga hentai?

Well i think so because it has A LOT of ecchi stuff in it and has some really gross things going on in the story and in ever book there is something that is blurred and/or s (MORE)

How do you get trick master back in ruby?

Every time you beat a trick master challenge leave the trick masters house and go back in and find the trick master again, at one point the trick master will say he's done and (MORE)

Why my 2003 Kia Spectra's window will go down half way but not back up does this deal with the Master Switch how do you change it and about how much will part be for it?

  Ok do you hear any type of noises when you push the switch? If you hear like a humming or grinding your window might be off track. If you hear no noise dont assume its t (MORE)

Have a 1980 cadillac and the brakes are good and then they go to floor while driving they come back with quick pumping master cly changed pads are new what next?

Answer   Did you bleed the brake lines? That may be the problem why the pedal goes all the way to the floor and only works when pumping it.   Answer   It's the ma (MORE)

What is the Origin of pin your ears back?

There is some speculation of the origin of the phrase "pin your  ears back". Some people think it originates from how animals pin  their ears back when they are in attack mo (MORE)