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Who gave us the yule log?

  While often thought of as (Anglo-Saxon) like other pyrophilic Christmas customs9 I never could see this, seeing nothing inviting in fires!)-Actually the custom and word (MORE)

Who did Draco Malfoy go the Yule Ball with?

  In The Goblet of Fire Malfoy wore black velvet dress robes with a high collar and escorted Pansy Parkinson wearing a 'very frilly robes of pale pink.'
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What language does Yule come from?

The English noun yule was migrated from the Old English word geol, or geola, meaning Christmas Day, Christmastide; but it originated with the Old Norse word jol (plural), whic (MORE)

Who did Luna Lovegood take to the Yule Ball?

Luna's character does not appear until the fifth book, the Yule Ball was in the fourth. She would also have been to young to attend unless an older student asked her. Consider (MORE)