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Did Yuri Gagarin travel to the Moon?

No. Yuri Gagarin went into low earth orbit in April 1961, and landed after almost, but not quite, one complete orbit. No human beings traveled as far as the moon until th (MORE)

What Yuri Gagarin ate in space?

Astronaut Yuri Gagarin's first meal in space consisted of liquid  meat paste, with liquid chocolate for dessert. Gagarin's food was  strictly for show, as it was only 1 hour (MORE)

Did Yuri gagarin have a wife and kids?

Yuri Gagarin married Valentina Goryacheva, in 1957. Their elder daughter, Elena Gagarina, is an art historian who has worked as a director- general of the Moscow Kremlin M (MORE)

Did Yuri Gagarin get married?

Yes, Yuri Gagarin married Valentina Goryacheva (a nursing student) in 1957 and had 2 children. Further research states that their wedding date was set for 27th October 1957 (MORE)

Was Yuri Gagarin a boy scout?

Some sources say that Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was the Russian equivalent of Eagle Scout but I have not been able to confirm that definitively.
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What training did Yuri Gagarin have to do?

Not very much. He didn't actually pilot his Vostok 1 spacecraft  when he became the first man in space. His participation in the  mission was as a passenger only. He carried (MORE)