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What does from a to z mean?

What does, from A to Z mean? It means from start to finish. From the beginning to the end. It refers to the English alphabet which starts at A and ends at Z. "We are going to (MORE)

What would the Z score be if Z equals 0 and Z equals -1.41?

A z score tell us about how many standard deviation a specific data value is far from the mean. For example when a data value is converted to z = 0 that value equals the mean (MORE)

How many number 1 albums does jay z have?

Jay-Z Has had 11 number one albums. Vol. 2... Hard Knock LifeVol. 3... Life ang Times of S. CarterThe Dynasty: Roc La FamiliaThe BlueprintThe Bluepritn 2: The Gift & The Curs (MORE)

What is nucleus Z?

located in the medulla oblongata of the brainstem as an area of grey matter that will link the somatosensory info coming in from the spinal cord with the motor areas of the th (MORE)

What did the z-1 computer do?

Type your answer here... the Z1 was used for tracking the Binary floating point numbers. 
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