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Are kamal and Ahmad Givens twins?

no Kamal (chance) is the younger brother and Ahmad (Real) is the oldest. The youngest brother is Micah.They have another brother named Shawn,who is the oldest of all of them (MORE)

What is kamal ashnawi email?

If you wish to contact Kamal Ashnawi through email, just write to me at  as i am his personal assistant.  Please state the reason for wanting to get in (MORE)

Summary of an ode to death by daud kamal?

An ode to death is a pretty good poem about the ultimate reality of death that death must be happen in any one life. And we are just like puppets in this world , we ve no self (MORE)

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Does kamal rashid khan owns a factory or business?

Kamaal Rashid Khan is an actor, producer and writer from India. He  was born on January 1, 1975. It does not appear that Kamaal owns a  factory but he does own a constructio (MORE)