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What country is zanussi made in?

Answer . I believe Zanussi is an Italian company, but the products are probably made worldwide, under licence.
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How do you fix your zanussi 1400 washing machine?

the circuit board memory has been wiped, an engineer had codes to fix it last time and it only took him 30 seconds to have it up and running again. Do you know the sequence or ( Full Answer )
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What type of products does Zanussi make?

The Italian company Zanussi (owned by Electrolux) produces home appliances. In 1916 the company was founded by Antonio Zanussi and produced home stoves and wood-burning ovens. ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Zanussi oven?

A person wanting to purchase a Zanussi oven can locate a dealer and buy the oven from them. Other appliances and parts from Zanussi can be purchased on their website.
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Where can one purchase a Zanussi double oven?

One can purchase a Zanussi double oven online or in a store. If you want to shop online Amazon will have them. If you would rather shop in store the place to check will be eit ( Full Answer )
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Where can one purchase a Zanussi dishwasher?

One can purchase Zanussi dishwasher at local stores and websites. Those websites include but are not limited to Amazon, eBay and the official Zanussi website.
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Where can one purchase Zanussi Cookers?

One can purchase Zanussi Cookers from a number of stores and online retailers. They can be purchased from Currys, eBay, John Lewis, Boots Kitchen and Appliances Online.