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Is Zany a word?

Yes, in the old Italian theatre form called Commedia dell'Arte there was a character called a zany who made fun of the comic characters by imitating them and exaggerating thei (MORE)

What is a zany comedy?

It's a comedy where there are a lot of crazy things going on. The Marx Brothers' comedies were pretty zany.
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Where is zany brainy?

I once worked for such wonderful company. Full of fun and educational toys! Untill one day, in 2003 or maybe a year after if I can remember, it went bankrupt. I still miss suc (MORE)

What do zany bars do to you?

Headlines: CAT BURGLAR TAKES A NAP! I was arrested after mixing alcohol and blue Xanax. They found me, after I broke in, and laid down on floor and went to sleep. Eventually, (MORE)

Who is zani paqarizi?

Unfortunately, there is no well known individual named ZaniPaqarizi. However, there's a company named Zani and Zani. Thiscompany is a leading manufacturer in Italian silverwar (MORE)

What is musht zani?

Musht Zani is an Urdu word or language which is defined as FemaleMasturbation in the English dictionary. It is highly prohibited inIslam.

Is the zany bandz rubber bandz?

The popular fad of the shaped rubber bandz are made by different brands, some stronger and better quality than others, but I will not name them. The shaped rubber bands are so (MORE)

What religion is zany?

My from my brains opinion is that there is not enough evidence to show that God exists...or doesn't exist. The Deist view is that he exists as a creator...then left his creati (MORE)