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What is the invention of Gregorio Zara?

invented the two-way television telephone or videophone (1955) patented as a "photo phone signal separator network"  * discovered the physical law of electrical kinetic resis (MORE)

What are the contributions of Gregorio Y Zara?

Filipino scientist Gregorio Y. Zara (D.Sc. Physics) invented, made  improvements to, or discovered the following:       invented the two-way television telephone o (MORE)

Who was Zara Ellwood?

    Answer   My parents purchased a Zara Ellwood water-color painting when they got married in 1939. I asked my mother if the artist was famous. She replied, "she (MORE)

Who is zara Khan?

Zara Khan is Mallik Khan's wife who lost her memory during an car accident in Mumbai. But who is living in sharma nivas as zara mallik khan is not zara mallik khan. I love t (MORE)

Which bag is better a Louis Vuitton or a Zara?

Louis Vuitton by a long way! You can even compare the price for both bags. A typical Louis Vuitton bag would cost over US $3000 while a Zara bag costs a mere US $99! You want (MORE)