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Who is the owner of ZARA?

Óscar Pérez Marcote is the director general of ZARA. You can find more information from the Wikipedia article at the related link.
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Who is Gregorio Zara?

He is a filipino scientist. Invented the vedio phone. Invented the airplane engine which can run on plain alcohol as fuel.
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About gregorio zara?

The Filipino scientist Gregorio Y. Zara invented, made improvements  to, or discovered the following: invented the two-way videophone;  discovered the physical law of electr (MORE)

What is the zara effect?

The quick answer: Fast fashion = instant 'runway' fashion made accessible for everyone The longer answer: Zara is a bridge brand built on the idea of fast fashion. This mean (MORE)

Who is Zara Gregorio?

Gregorio Zara is a Filipino Scientist and Physicist who invented the videophone and made some improvements like : airplane engine that ran on plain alcohol as fuel.

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How do you get a ZARA franchise?

You may apply for a ZARA Franchise by contacting Inditex, their parent company. ZARA's Official Website link and that of Inditex are listed below. However, it doesn't seem lik (MORE)
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Is zara fairtrade?

Yes, and it compensated sweatshop workers once they figured out that they were illegally hired by some producers. They most certainly are!

Who is Zara chegar?

Zara Chegar is a 17 year old student that is a very sportive  person. She is best known in her family for her talent in football  and is currently learning in college and is (MORE)