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Why is religious discrimination an issue for the kurds?

It is not an issue for all Kurds, since the majority of them are  Sunni Muslims in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq, and the majority of them  are Shiite Muslims in Iran (just like t (MORE)

What religion are the Kurds?

Answer 1   Most Kurds confess to the Sunni Islam. Significant minoritygroups  among them confess to Shiite Islam though. Most Kurds are secular  from Islam and often onl (MORE)

Where do the Kurds live?

The Kurds live in a region typically called Kurdistan which sits primarily in eastern Turkey, but also has a large portion of Northern Iraq and a small part of northwestern Ir (MORE)

Why are the Kurds considered a stateless nation?

Kurds are considered a nation because they are an ethnicity with unified traditions and a historic homeland. They are considered stateless because they do not control any inde (MORE)

Why are the Kurds so troublesome for Iraq?

Kurds are only troublesome for Iraq because Iraqi Arabs are not interested in recognizing that the Kurds are a unique and different people from them but still worthy of respec (MORE)

Do all kurds speak Arabic?

No. Most Kurds speak Kurdish, but only Iraqi and Syrian Kurds may speak Arabic (many, especially in the countryside do not speak Arabic). Kurds in Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, an (MORE)

Is Tarkan a Kurd?

No. Tarkan is turkish.He's from Rize ( located in Turkey) is the  capital city of Rize Province in the  eastern part of the Black Sea  Region of Turkey, on the Black Sea co (MORE)

Are the Kurds considered a stateless nation?

Answer 1 Yes. The Kurds are referred to as a stateless nation because they are dispersed throughout many different countries. They don't have their own nation and can be found (MORE)

Why should Kurds have their own land?

Kurds should have their own country because their identity is under  siege in Turkey and Iran and they have been subject to genocides in  Iraq. The only people who look out (MORE)