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What religion are the Kurds?

Answer 1   Most Kurds confess to the Sunni Islam. Significant minoritygroups  among them confess to Shiite Islam though. Most Kurds are secular  from Islam and often onl (MORE)

Where do the Kurds live?

The Kurds live in a region typically called Kurdistan which sits primarily in eastern Turkey, but also has a large portion of Northern Iraq and a small part of northwestern Ir (MORE)

What do the Kurds want?

They want their own identity, freedom to express their culture, freedom to speak their language, and their own land. There is an area called "Kurdistan" which should be its ow (MORE)

Is Tarkan a Kurd?

No. Tarkan is turkish.He's from Rize ( located in Turkey) is the  capital city of Rize Province in the  eastern part of the Black Sea  Region of Turkey, on the Black Sea co (MORE)

Who are the Kurds?

Answer A people originally come from Kurdistan mountains in Western of Iran. Now they live in Iran, Turkey , Iraq and some in Syria. Answer The region in Iran is also w (MORE)

Are the Kurds a nation?

Kurds are considered a nation because they are an ethnicity with  unified traditions and a historic homeland. They are considered  stateless because they do not control any (MORE)

What percentage of Kurds are Christian?

According to the World Evangelization Research Center, less than 1 percent are Christian. Statistics on minority groups throughout the region are difficult to obtain. Of t (MORE)

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What are Kurds in Iraq?

The Kurds are a distinct ethnic group from the Arabs that  predominate in southern and central Iraq. They have a unique  language, distinct holidays, a multiplicity of relig (MORE)