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What does a zebra do?

MosAnswer . A zebra lives in a grass land and woodlands. They also live an Africa.. Eat alot of grass. Zebras are mainly wild animals that live in Africa. But some zebras ( Full Answer )
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What does a zebra have on it?

Black and white stripes. ...but is it black with white stripes, or white with black stripes???
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Are zebra mussels zebras?

No, they aren't. Zebra mussels are mussels, which is a kind ofbivalve mollusk. They call them that because of there pattern onthe shell. Some don't have it, but most do.
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How do Zebras recognize other Zebras?

Zebra's can recongnize their babies because all zebra's have different stripe patterns. so the mom memorizes the babies stripe pattern and that way she can tell her baby from ( Full Answer )
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Why did zebras get the name zebra?

The name originally applied to a 'wild ass' now extinct and said to be Congolese. There is also a 15th Century reference in both the Italian and Portuguese languages brought t ( Full Answer )
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Can you be a zebra?

well if you tatoo your whole body with black and white stripes, you could think you are a zebra if you really put your mind to it.
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Do zebras have baby zebras?

Of course they do! How would the zebra species still be 'alive' if the adult zebras didn't have baby zebras. Of course they have babies.
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What is zebra about?

it's about an animal called zebra. it is related to the horse and is black and white stripy.
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How do zebras attract female zebras?

The do the same as horses they do every trick they know of like kicking with the back of there legs as high as they can to show of what they can do, really they do every thing ( Full Answer )
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Is the zebra a predator to the zebras?

Zebras are classified as herbivores, or plant-eating organisms, and are unlikely to cannibalize, let alone eat meat.