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Are there wolves in Illinois?

The answer is yes.. Wolves live in most regions. But mostly Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, etc. But wither you want to hear it or not yes. They typically dont come around people (MORE)

Are there rattlesnakes in Illinois?

yes there are. I was bitten by one, died, went to heaven, then ordered a heaven computer and answered this question... :)
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Is it Illinois's or Illinois'?

To form possessive on words ending with a silent 's', The Chicago Manual of Style recommends the apostrophe s, but also allows for just apostrophe. So under this style rule, y (MORE)

Are there bears in Illinois?

I assume you mean "are there wild black bears currently living in Illinois"? I can't say for 100% sure but most likely somewhere yes. Biologists on the other hand don't real (MORE)

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Why is Illinois named Illinois?

Like many states in America, especially in the Midwest, the name of Illinois comes from the native tribes that lived there when the white men first came - the Illinois people. (MORE)

Are there Peacocks in Illinois?

Yes I have a female peacock in my back yard currently. I don't believe it's supposed to be here..... but it is.
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What are the cities in Illinois?

AnswerI'll give you a handful of them: Chicago, Homewood, Flossmoor, Glenwood, Tinley Park, Matteson, Mokena, Monee, Crete, Steger, Frankfort, Joliet, Aurora, Naperville, Down (MORE)