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What does zeitgeist mean?

Zeitgeist literaly breaks down to "Spirit of the Time or Age". It is in reference to the preferances of the culture at large. All the things that the people put their faith in (MORE)

Is Zeitgeist a religion?

No, it is not. It is a German word that means "the spirit of the times", in the sense of the general intellectual or moral characteristics of a given time in history, includin (MORE)

What does this quote mean - 'The zeitgeist of the 1920s was one of frivolousness and illustrated a conflict or breakdown of traditional values'?

  Zeitgeist means the temper of the times. Therefore, if the author claims that the zeitgeist of the 1920s was one of frivolousness it means that the general mood of the p (MORE)

What is the Roman zeitgeist?

Possibly the idea of moderation. The Romans inherited this idea from the Greeks yet misinterperstted it slightly. The Greek virtue of Sophrosyne (temperence and moderation) is (MORE)

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