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Handbags sold at zellers?

Answer . I've bought many handbags at Zellers and never been disappointed. Some are leather, some aren't. You have to look at the label attached to it and see if it's what (MORE)

Where can you find zellers?

If you want to find a Zellers in your area go on to and search "Zellers in my area" then click where you live. This is a the best way to find a Zellers in your (MORE)
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Does Zellers carry musical tables?

"Yes, Zellers does carry musical tables. You can go to a store that is a reseller or Zellers or you can go to their website where they have a catalog of their items that are f (MORE)
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What is zellers?

Zellers is a Canadian mass-merchandise discount store with various stores throughout Canada. Much of the chain's leaseholds have been acquired by the American company Target. (MORE)

What has the author Margaret Zellers written?

Margaret Zellers has written: 'Fielding's Discover Europe' 'Switzerland and the Alpine Region, 1994' 'Fielding's Caribbean' 'Fielding's Caribbean' -- subject(s): Guide (MORE)