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What is Zen?

Answer "Zen" means meditation in Japanese. "Buddha" means "Awakened one" or "Enlightened One" in Sanskrit and Pali. Buddhism is the way to awakening or enlightenment. Zen Bud (MORE)

Is Zen a religion?

No, it is not a religion . Zen is a philosophy, a practice of living, and a lifestyle. Buddhism is a religion. Zen is a school/ sect within that religion. It is just as po (MORE)
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What is zen judo?

Zen Judo is a style of the martial art of Judo based on the book "Zen Judo: A Way of Life" by Brian N. Bagot, 1989. Zen Judo differs from other Judo schools in its emphasis on (MORE)

What you do in zen Buddhism?

Some practices are common to all schools of Zen (Obaku, Rinzai andSoto): . zazen (meditation) . kyo (sutras) . samu (work) The Rinzai school is the only remaining tr (MORE)

Where can you get zen magnets from?

usually from ebay or online sites if lucky you can get 150 magnets for 5.00 1000 for30.00 2000 for50.00s there are cheapeer ones (These are good for strss releiif or anger man (MORE)
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What is in vico zen?

2 fl oz/ 60ml supplement. Ingredients: purified water, ginger, raw cane sugar, citric acid, passion flower, lemon balm, chamomile, Valerian, California poppy, kratom, gotu col (MORE)
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What does 'zen zen dame' mean?

Zenzen dame is Japanese 全然 zenzen (all + nature = absolutely, totally) 駄目 dame (= useless, no good) for "absolutely useless", "totally no good", or "no (MORE)

What is zen then?

Keeping mind that is before thinking and letting it function correctly when sitting, walking, lying down, at all times. We also call it "Dont know mind" and another name of (MORE)