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What is a Zen parable?

A Zen parable is a short story open for interpretation by the reader or listener. There is no right or wrong interpretation as each person hearing it will interpret it from th (MORE)
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What is a zen bond?

A Zen bond is when two people are in a close peaceful harmonious  relationship that requires both mind and body and soul. 2D and  Noodle from Gorillaz have a Zen bond.
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Is Zen a religion?

No, it is not a religion. Zen is a philosophy, a practice of living, and a lifestyle. Buddhism is a religion. Zen is a school/ sect within that religion. It is just as possi (MORE)

Where does Zen Originate?

Zen originated in India as a symbiosis of Buddhism and Yoga, which was then brought to China by Siddhartha Bodhidharma It is difficult to say Zen originated in India. There we (MORE)

Where can you get zen magnets from?

usually from ebay or online sites if lucky you can get 150 magnets for 5.00 1000 for30.00 2000 for50.00s there are cheapeer ones (These are good for strss releiif or anger man (MORE)
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What does 'zen zen dame' mean?

Zenzen dame is Japanese    全然 zenzen (all + nature = absolutely, totally)   駄目 dame (= useless, no good)    for "absolutely useless", "totally no goo (MORE)

What is Zen Chuzzle?

  Zen chuzzle is a bit like Classic chuzzle but with a few differences. The game never ends at all! The rules are simple: you drag a row or column so three or more of the (MORE)

Who is a Zen master?

Zen Master is the person who teaches Zen Buddhism to others. However "teaching" sounds rather benign and images of sitting down and listening to a wise elder give instructio (MORE)
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What is zen as verb?

When I calmly focus my attention to parallel park my car without getting distracted by who is behind me or how well I'm doing, kind of becoming one in body, perception with th (MORE)

What you do in zen Buddhism?

Some practices are common to all schools of Zen (Obaku, Rinzai and  Soto):     zazen (meditation)  kyo (sutras)  samu (work)     The Rinzai school is the o (MORE)