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Can you retrieve the data by system restore?

  No you cant. You cant retrieve only system files which are deleted. But you can also retrieve other files by different softwares.. Actually there are many softwares whic (MORE)

Characteristics of data communication system?

effectiveness of data communication depends upon three fundamental characteristics which are: 1->delivery:source system must deliver data to the desired or correct destination (MORE)

What are the components in data communication system?

5 Major components of data communication systems are :- 1. Message Message is the information to be communicated. The message may consist of text, numbers, pictures etc. 2. (MORE)

The evolution of data communication system?

The evolution of data communication system is believed to have its  earliest roots in Samuel Morse's 1837 exhibition of a telegraph  system. By 1843, telegraph service had b (MORE)

What is data Warehouse Systems?

A data warehouse system is just a database that provides a single-point of access to multiple ERP systems (ERP = software systems used by companies). The different ERP will be (MORE)
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What is the purpose of data storage systems?

Data Storage systems can serve quite a number of various purposes. The most common use, and their primary function, is to store data. What is meant by this is that anything (MORE)