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Where is Zephyr found in the Bible?

The word zephyr does not appear in the  traditional Holy Scriptures however is a common description of  GOD's Holy Spirit. Throughout years of Protestant beliefs,  theologi (MORE)

Do you need a degree to become a graffiti artist?

The short answer is no, you do not need a degree to become a graffiti artist. However,it helps to study art techniques, and to be mentored by another artist. The best artists (MORE)

Where can you download zephyr font for free?

Go to:  On the left side, click download.  Save it to your desktop.  Click on:  1. start  (MORE)

What do graffiti artists use?

  Majority use spray paint from various brands. However a graffiti artist can use anything at their disposal from pencils,acrylic paint, and glass etching.
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Is graffiti illegal?

Yes. Graffiti done on property that doesn't belong to you is vandalism and causes property damage. The owner has the right to seek criminal charges and also to sue in civil co (MORE)

What graffiti styles are there?

  There are many styles but the major ones are   wild style: The type of style that is the hardest to do and the hardest to sesifer i say look at some graffiti artist l (MORE)

Where is the reference of zephyr in the Bible?

There is not a reference of Zephyr in the King James version of the  Bible. In addition, the name is not mentioned in the New King James  or New American Standard versions o (MORE)

What does it take to be a graffiti artist?

Have artistic talent. That's really it. If you have original ideas and a good style then your good. Avoid being toy or else people will DEFF hate on you and buff you out. Just (MORE)