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What was the problem with the Zeppelin?

  Answer   1: Zeppelins were inflated with Hydrogen gas, which is very explosive.   2: Slow airspeed.   3: Zeppelins had an advantage of altitude early in the war (MORE)

How did the members of led zeppelin meet?

Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were session musicians and had recorded together. When Page sought a singer, he wanted guitarist Terry Reid to fill the vocalist spot for his pr (MORE)

What is a zeppelin made out of?

A light metallic and wood framework containing gas bags filled with a hydrogen (or nowadays helium). The structure was covered in a canvas like material to protect it from the (MORE)

What is a zeppelin?

  Answer     Zeppelins are a type of rigid airship pioneered by German Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin in the early 20th century, based in part on an earlier design (MORE)

How does a zeppelin work?

The structure of the airship is based on a metal alloy frame. Lift is provided by multiple internal balloons or cells filled with gas that is lighter than air (hydrogen or hel (MORE)

Who is better Led Zeppelin or Aerosmith?

This question cannot be answered without bias or opinion. Here is my personal opinion on the subject: I'm going to have to say that Led Zeppelin is much better than Aerosmith (MORE)