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What were the zeroes?

\n. \n%REPLIES%\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nJapanese fighter planes. Also a slang term for "officers".\n. \n Answer \n. \nDesiree--The Zeroes were Japanese fighter p ( Full Answer )
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Is zero divided by zero one or zero?

The answer is neither. You cannot divide by zero at all. The result of zero divided by zero, as with any other division by zero, is undefined.
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Who is zero?

Zero is the name of a man who is known as a great leader. He does not believe in a higher power and answeres to nobody but himself and the president (whom He Works For) He is ( Full Answer )
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What is 'zero'?

Zero is a number which is said to mean nothing. The only time it has a value is when it follows a counting number or when it comes before the counting numbers in a decimal. ( Full Answer )
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What is zero zero?

"Zero zero" is not a mathematical operation. One application of the term is in aviation safety, where it describes a type of ejection seat that will take the pilot clear of ( Full Answer )
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What is zero to the power of zero Is it one or zero Why?

Any positive power of zero (0 times 0) will equal zero. But 0 0 is not defined in ordinary math. This is an exception to the rule x 0 = 1, which applies to all nonzero nu ( Full Answer )
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What is zero?

In the additive groups of real and complex numbers, rationals, andintegers, Zero is the additive identity. In these sets, it is theelement "0" such that for any x, the followi ( Full Answer )
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Is zero divided by zero equal to zero?

Actually 0/0 is undefined because there is no logical way to define it. In ordinary mathematics, you cannot divide by zero. The limit of x/x as x approaches 0 exists and ( Full Answer )
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Where is the zero zero point on earth?

The co-ordinates 0,0 point to a position in the Gulf of Guinea, off the south coast of Ghana, and the west coast of Gabon.
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Why zero minus zero is zero?

If you have no money, and someone takes nothing away from you, you still have nothing :)